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By : Archana Deogharia

Place: Gaya, Bihar

Date : 22-01-2019

We couldn't have got a better service for Infertility. Everything was beyond our expectation. Our family is now complete with inclusion of my son who is now one and half years old. Thanks Dr Rashmi Prasad ji.

By : Bibha singh

Place: Dubai

Date : 02-07-2018

Thanks to Dr. Rashmi. I once heard about this infertility center n specially doctor Rashmi. I suggested one of my friend who was trying to conceive from last 3 years but wasnt succeeded. Then she went to this center n by god grace n Dr. Rashmi she got pregnant with the treatment n soon she will going to be deliver .

By : Renuka Kumari

Place: Nehru Nagar Patna

Date : 11-02-2018

Good Morning Ma'am, I am very grateful to You that after knowing the fact that one of mine fallopian tube was being operated in 2013 and I came under your treatment then after few months I was pleased with the good news of getting pregnant. Now I am mother of a 3 years baby. This became possible by your grace only. I had told that there is only 50-50 chance of my getting pregnant. But by your intelligent and careful treatment it became possible. I would like to give a message to all those married couples that if they are not happy with the feeling of owning a child/baby just come to Vatsalya Mamta Fertility Centre once and consult with Dr. RASHMI PRASAD here in Patna. They will definitely delighted with the pleasure of becoming parents. Thanking You Renuka Kumari W/O Mr. Sandeep Kumar Nehru Nagar, Patna-13.

By : Karuna Sharma

Place: Supoul

Date : 30-11-2017

Excellent inferility centre. All the staffs are well trained and well behaved. Dr Rashmi Prasad is a highly skilled doctor and we just loved her approach for diagnosis, assesment and treatment. Our son is now 7 months old. Dr Rashmi Prasad has changed our life for ever.

By : Aryan

Place: Patna

Date : 29-11-2017

Vatsalya Mamta fertility centre is the best ivf centre gugs....

By : Satish Bharti

Place: Sherghati

Date : 13-11-2017

मैंने यहाँ इलाज़ करवाया है और मैं यहाँ के इलाज से संतुष्ठ हूँ | यहाँ पे जितने भी स्टाफ मेंबर्स है मैं उन सभी को धन्यवाद करना चाहता हूँ, और खासतौर पे डॉ० रश्मि प्रसाद को |

By : Rakhi

Place: Daniyawan

Date : 08-11-2017


By : Prabha Kumari


Date : 27-09-2017

Thanks...Dr. Rashmi Prasad.

By : Piyali Mukherjee, Namkum, Ranchi


Date : 10-07-2017

Thanks for all the good services we recieved from this centre. I am pregnant after undergoing ICSI and expecting the delivery in mid December. Thanks Dr Rashmi Prasad ji. Your approach towards patients is praiseworthy.

By : Deepti Sharma From Munger


Date : 04-07-2017

Thank you Rashmi Mam...............................a lot of thanks to u

By : Suman Sinha, Gaya


Date : 12-05-2017

I am really impressed with the unparallel services provided by Dr Rashmi Prasad and other team members of Vatsalya mamta fertility centre. They are providing state of the art facilities at a very reasonable cost. They are simply amazing. I would definetly like to recommend this centre to couples in need of assisted reproduction.

By : प्रभा खेतान, बेगूसराय


Date : 15-02-2017

डॉ रश्मि प्रसाद जी के हम हमेशा शुक्रगुज़ार रहेंगे। बहुत धैर्य के साथ उन्होंने हमारी समस्या सुनी। IVF के बारे में हमारे मन में ढेर सारी शंकायें थी। उन्होंने हमारी सारी शंकाओं का निराकरण किया।वात्सल्य ममता क्लिनिक का खर्च भी वाजिब और हमारी वहन शक्ति के भीतर था।हमारा बेटा अभी 6 महीने का हो गया है। धन्यवाद डॉ रश्मि जी !

By : Vijay Shrivastava, Rukunpura, patna


Date : 14-02-2017

It was four years since i was married and we were waiting for a baby. I know how tough/depressing it is not to have baby. Hence came here to talk about this Fertinity center "Vatsalya mamta" Dr Rashmi prasad and her staffs here are exceptionally good and well experienced. MY WIFE IS PREGNANT NOW :). A single blasto-cyst was transfered and it clicked. This hospital has world class Lab facility and superb infrastructure to go with. Not just Dr. Rashmi, even the Nurses and house-keeping people would smile at us all the time. Would like to Thank God for showing this Fertility clinic at the right time. Thanks a lot to Dr Rashmi prasad and her team.

By : Archana Mishra, Biharshareef


Date : 29-01-2017

It was a real delight for me and my husband to avail services of Vatsalya mamta infertility centre. After wasting few lacs and three precious years at different infertility centres, I contacted Dr Rashmi Prasad on recommendations of my school time friend, who herself had availed her expertise. It was a treat for us to be in this centre. Staffs also were well trained and courteous. The whole process was thoroughly transparent. The pricing, though that didn't really matters, was just perfect. Thanks Dr Rashmi Prasad jee and her team members for helping us to expand our family. Our daughter is now 3 months old and her smile has given us many reasons to be thankful to God and you people. Regards......!

By : Sumit


Date : 27-01-2017

For better treatment plz... contact this hospital.

By : Amit Aryan


Date : 27-01-2017

Dr. Rashmi Prasad "Vatsalya Mamta Fertility Centre" that is the most respected IVF and surrogacy clinic in bihar. She is having a huge experience in infertility treatment and proved as the best ivf expert by highest success rate in Bihar.

By : Indu lalwani


Date : 21-01-2017

You will always be a precious part of our story and special people that started our baby’s life journey! You are more than doctors, nurses and medical professionals to us, you are heart-menders, hope-builders and dream-makers!” thank you

By : Rakesh Kumar


Date : 15-01-2017

This is one of the best hospital in infirtility medical science.

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