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Cryopreservation The process of Cryopreservation also called the preservation of tissues & cells by freezing the involved semen, where sperm is kept to getting cold or stored in a very low temperature to maintain their viability (all the metabolic process are halted and can be successfully revived by vitrification).
In practice, frozen sperms are stored at the temperature of -196°C in liquid nitrogen. These are then thawed for re-use.
Through two categories, Cryopreservation is divided by our specialists such as

  • Donor semen
  • Semen for auto conservation
  • Cryopreservation’s main Advantage

  • Reduces risk of morphological changes & genetic drift.
  • Risk of cross contamination with additional cell gets reduced.
  • Create a safety of microbial contamination
  • Work conducted using cells at a consistent passage number