Breaking the Taboos and Stereotypes around IVF Treatment

Infertility, as explained by the World Health Organization, is a reproductive system disease resulting in disability and has remained a subject of taboo. However, nowadays, these attitudes are shifting towards more open-mindedness. In India, people are inclining towards IVF Treatment in Patna, Bihar, or other areas and are ready to make societal changes

In this modern era, people are making changes in their lifestyles and even choosing to have children later in life. The infertility rates in both women, as well as men, are continuing to rise day by day. As a result, a greater population is seeking out infertility treatments.

The developed country’s trends for fertility treatments are quite different from India. When people encounter challenges of fertility in India, they opt to remain silent. Even the couple facing infertility issues do not seek help to resolve their problem to get pregnant. The societal pressure, misunderstanding in a family, and other effects become a barrier for treatments.

It is a common tendency of people to expect, and when the expectation of having children fails, some people go through a sense of embarrassment and humiliation. In India, there is an immense stigma for childlessness. Due to this, couples generally do not seek fertility treatments.

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What is IVF Treatment?

IVF is the most efficient assisted reproductive technology form and is one of the complex procedures used to help in the conception of a child or benefit in getting pregnant. In the process, mature eggs are retrieved from the ovaries and then fertilized with sperm in a laboratory. After that, the fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus

Test Tube Baby Center in Patna, as well as in other places in India, is creating huge opportunities to make pregnancy and parenthood possible. Through proper treatments, thousands of people are becoming able to have children in life

In a society like India, where infertility is still considered taboo, men and women are not aware of fertility treatments. Accessing Fertility Treatment Center in Patna can do wonders in solving their reproduction problems. Without trying out IVF treatments, the issues are not going to resolve and can cause more complications due to delay

Significance of IVF Treatment in Recent Times

Couples who are battling infertility issues consider IVF treatment as their ultimate resort for bearing a child. IVF turns out to be the most effective option for couples facing infertility and is the best solution to opt for other than traditional conception methods. In some cases, it becomes impossible for the fusion of sperm and egg naturally, there IVF helps a lot

Many patients go through a series of treatments before choosing IVF. But where other diagnoses and treatments cannot help, IVF shows positive results. Here, one can have control over timing and reproduce when one plans to. There are extremely minimum chances of miscarriages and have increased possibilities of getting a healthy baby

IVF Specialist Doctor in Bihar

Bursting out Some Common Taboos and Stereotypes Around IVF treatment

Since IVF is an advanced technology for reproduction, people are not completely aware of the procedures involved in it or about the treatment. Even if people think about accessing the treatment, certain taboos and stereotypes around them constrain them from going to a doctor. Some taboos and stereotypes are mentioned below, which are absolutely false.

  • Congenital disabilities in babies After Birth: It is one of the common stereotypes. However, IVF babies do not show any greater chances of developmental delays or have any serious birth defects compared to other babies. Most Couples who require ICSI for egg fertilization may have birth defects risk. If the ICSI is required for certain conditions, then the risk may escalate. However, this problem more likely depends on sperm quality and not on IVF treatment. With proper observation and treatment from IVF Specialist Doctor in Bihar, the dream between you and your parenthood can come true.
  • Pregnancies through IVF result in C-section: Being pregnant is a natural process, no matter if you are pregnant through IVF or from natural conception. Pregnancy through IVF is the same as a natural pregnancy, and the only major difference is the conception mode. But the rest of the process is alike in both cases. As getting pregnant through IVF is the same as natural pregnancy, there is no need for taking any stress due to infertility. Going to the Best Gynaecologist hospital in Patna will make you believe in having childbirth through proper treatment and will remove the stress of childlessness Forever.

  • IVF treatment can result in multiple Babies: One of the gross conceptions is IVF treatment can lead to multiple pregnancies. Whereas it is the only method of fertility treatment in which you can monitor the number of embryos implanted in the uterus. Every healthy embryo is picked carefully and transferred into the uterus. IVF treatments are the best practices to fulfill the expectations and dream of having children. Many Centres across India are conducting these treatments to help people with pregnancy. Fertility Centres like Diwya Vatsalya Mamta IVF are refreshing examples for making childbirth possible.

  • Weight might fail the treatment: Overweight women can also have pregnancy through IVF. There is no such strong proof that obese women cannot have success in IVF cycles. It is true as underweight or obese women have decreased chances of having success rates. However, achieving a healthy BMI can reduce the problem. Accessing the Best Gynaecologist hospital in Patna will help you to check your pregnancy issues due to weight. Moreover, they can aid in getting the correct BMI before beginning the treatment

  • IVF treatment is only for young People: Age does have a significance for increasing the IVF treatment’s success rates. However, it is a major misconception that IVF treatment is only meant for young people. A majority of people coming to IVF specialists’ doctors in Bihar belong to the age group of 30 to 40 years of age. People often remain unaware of IVF treatment which results in misinformation and misunderstandings. Genetic counseling can help you in overcoming the doubts as well as obtaining a positive result. For removing the fertility problems, opting for an IVF treatment in Patna will work the best for your pregnancy issues.

Couples nowadays are shifting their thoughts from these stereotypes and myths towards the process of IVF treatments. In a society, if one makes the change, others will also follow it. Having a child is a blessing, and IVF treatment in Patna helps in getting it.

Why India Needs Well-equipped Fertility and IVF Treatment Centres?

In the current times, medical practitioners and doctors have unanimously agreed that problems in fertilization like PCOS, low sperm quality, and Endometriosis cases are rapidly rising. However, anything cannot be conclusively said as there is no such reliable or structured data.

The elevating demand for IVF treatment services has resulted in the increasing demand for fertility Centres like Diwya Vatssalya Mamta IVF, which has shown incredible results in the respective field. There are certain reasons that have boosted the growth of IVF treatment in India, and they are as follows:

  • Increasing infertility cases amongst couples: Major statistics reveal that around 12-14 percent of the couple in India are facing the difficulty of infertility. Several health issues have led to the rising cases of infertility amongst couples. Due to this, there is an extreme need for better Fertility and IVF Centres.
  • Lifestyle pattern Changes: Women are considered to have the highest peak of fertility during their twenties. But, due to lifestyle pattern changes these days, most girls delay their marriage, and as a result, the age at which they should start a family also gets delayed. After the age of 32 years, fertility starts declining and becomes steeper after the age of 35 years. This is a major reason for couples to take the help of the Test Tube Baby Center in Patna. 
  • Rise in super-specialty hospitals: Super-specialty hospitals are the ones that exclusively provide treatment for a specific disease. The rise in the growth of super-specialty hospitals has led to the escalation of demand for Fertility Treatments in Patna as well as in other parts of India. In today’s time, couples are having more awareness for the treatment of infertility, and contemporary couples are also less skeptical or hesitant about resorting to IVF treatment or other reproductive technologies. Therefore, there is a need to offer top-notch facilities and advanced treatments for removing childlessness.
  • Medical tourism: In recent times, India has surfaced as a hub of medical tourism for its cost-effective healthcare sector, and the services of the IVF industry are no exception. Patients living outside India are also flocking in to get fertility treatments in India. The escalating demand for Fertility Centres showcases the requirement for better and well-equipped Fertility and IVF Centres. The Centres will also make a profit in the long run.

In the modern world, the changes in lifestyle patterns, as well as other health issues, are escalating the rates of infertility. However, having issues in conception should not restrict you from having a child. Through proper diagnosis and fertility treatment, it is possible to fulfill the dream of parenthood.

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