Does IVF cause premature birth risks?

Fertility rates continue to decline in the whole world, which has led to a substantial increase in the number of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) babies. More than 5 million babies have been born with these technologies too far. Many would-be parents have indeed benefited from this new medical discovery, yet worries about its validity linger in their thoughts. IVF-conceived babies have been linked to premature birth risks that have been questioned in the past. These suspicions are generally baseless, according to the fertility experts of the IVF center in Patna. The distinction between a natural conception and an IVF conception must be understood before discussing whether or not IVF treatment causes premature birth risks.

Natural and IVF conception

Natural and IVF conception should always be compared before making a decision. Both processes require sperm to fertilize the eggs. After sexual intercourse, the natural procedure occurs in the fallopian tube. During IVF, the fertilization takes place in a dish in a specially prepared laboratory at the IVF center in Patna. A naturally conceived embryo travels to the uterus, where it implants, resulting in a healthy pregnancy in natural conception. However, the lab-created embryos are placed artificially into the uterus. The vital fact is that when the embryo is inserted into the uterus, the following phases are identical to those of natural conception. If you think you can see that the health of an IVF baby is not at risk. It means that they can be born as healthy as a baby delivered during a natural pregnancy and free of disease.

Does IVF cause premature birth risks?
Does IVF cause premature birth risks?

Does IVF cause premature birth risks?

According to the preconceived assumptions, IVF babies are unnatural and are more likely to fall into the high-risk categories. Researchers have been concerned about the possibility of birth abnormalities and health problems in IVF babies since 1978, when the first IVF baby was born. Most of the children appear to be in good condition, although it is true that there has been a slight increase in health concerns such as premature birth and low birth weight. Instead of the method itself, researchers believe that male or female fertility, poor maternal nutrition, and the parents’ ages are more likely to be responsible for the defects. As a result of these studies, it is clear that multiple births (when fertility doctors transfer more than one embryo to increase the odds of getting pregnant) always carry a higher level of danger than singleton deliveries (where fertility doctors transfer only one embryo). The factors that cause premature birth are:

  • Maternal factors: Premature birth may be linked to infertility factors. IVF moms are also more likely to be older and heavier than mothers who conceive naturally. It further raises the chance of miscarriage and stillbirth.
  • Multiple embryos: No matter how they are conceived, twins and other multiples are more likely to be born early than singletons.

How to reduce your chances of premature birth?

Some of the ways that help to reduce your chances of premature birth risks are: 

  • It’s crucial to weigh your alternatives, including single embryo transfer. When it comes to IVF, two or more embryos may seem like the best option. When numerous embryos are implanted instead of just one, the risk of preterm birth increases dramatically. 
  • The use of frozen embryos could be an option to consider. Researchers found that frozen embryos at the IVF center in Patna had better results than fresh embryos. Weaker embryos will not survive freezing. On the other hand, frozen embryos are implanted at a more natural point in your cycle.
  • It doesn’t matter how you conceive your child, be healthy can help you minimize your risks of delivering a premature baby. Avoid smoking, eat well and get some exercise. Your chances of carrying your child rise if you keep a healthy body and weight.         

Should you get an IVF treatment?

IVF is still a blessing for many couples who are unable to conceive naturally. Fortunately, most babies delivered through IVF at Diwya Vatsalya Mamta Fertility Centre are born physically and mentally healthy. Thus, it ensures that the process is guaranteed to succeed. If you take a few measures given by the fertility experts of Diwya Vatsalya Mamta Fertility Centre, you can give yourself the happiness you have always wanted.

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