How to prepare your mind and body for IVF?

IVF is a procedure to get a biological baby in a laboratory. In this process, the matured egg is fertilized with the sperms to form baby seedling outside the womb, inside the lab. There is no science behind the success rate of IVF but keeping the mind and body healthy increases the chances for the success of the procedure.

You, as a couple, need to take care of your health and mental state. Though the female partner needs extra care, that does not mean the male partner needs to take no care. Pregnancy is a phase where both the partners go through emotional ups and downs, so the male partner needs to participate in mental exercises accurately.

In this blog, the director of the best IVF clinic in Patna, Bihar, Dr. Rashmi Prasad, is here to share some tips and tricks to make the mind and body ready for IVF.

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The process to make mind IVF ready

The IVF is a complex procedure where the female needs body care, but mental health is compulsory for both. You need to be prepared for both either the good or worse, and in case of the worse possibility, you need to be ready for the second cycle, which requires both financial stability and the courage to retake the risk. Though the chances of failure are less, no one can guarantee a 100% success rate. These are some of the steps that make your mind ready for IVF.

  • Relax: Taking stress is bad for health and decreases the chance of IVF success rate thus, the female need to keep the mind relaxed before and during the cycle to increase the chance of pregnancy. The male partner should help her relax and himself stress-free.
  • Practice yoga and meditation: Yoga is great for both physical and mental health. So the couple needs to practice yoga and meditate to relax and keep your body fit mentally and physically.
  • Get enough sleep: Maintain a sleeping routine and try to give your body rest for 8-10 hours. It helps you both to increase the chance of fertility.

The process to make body IVF ready

Though physical health is essential more for the female partners, there is no harm in maintaining your health as well. After all, you are going to become a father and a sperm donor. Hence it is necessary for you to be healthy and fertile. Alongside, you need to keep the female partner happy and contented to increase her fertility. 

It is rightly said, 50% of your efforts become easy if the parents are physically fit.

Some of the major things that you need to follow to keep the body fit and increase the chance of fertility during IVF.

  • Eat fertility-boosting foods: Consume food products such as leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables. Basically, consume food rich in protein and low in fat. It is applicable for both partners to boost fertility.
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol: Before and during the IVF cycle, the partners must avoid smoking, alcohol, and tobacco. It is better to reduce caffeine intake as it reduces the immunity and fertility of the body.
  • Consume prescribes medicines timely: It is advised to consume the prescribed medicines from time to time and make your body ready for IVF. Medicines are prescribed based on the reports, and it is a must for IVF success.


A healthy mind and a happy soul with nutritious food can increase the chance of fertility among every age group. All you need is to keep yourself happy and motivated before and during the course of IVF. In case if you fail in the first cycle of IVF, do not lose hope and try for the second one.

For further queries, you can contact Dr. Rashmi Prasad for any other guidance.

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