IVF Treatment and its Growing Importance in Today’s Times

Importance of IVF Treatment:

Infertility impacts more than 15 percent of people all across the globe and is largely seen in developing countries like India. According to WHO, one in four couples in India encounters difficulty in getting pregnant. Therefore, progressing mindset towards fertility treatments can enhance the IVF success Rate in India.

After following the infertility treatment with IVF or in vitro fertilization, over 8 million babies got birth all around the world since the first IVF baby birth 40 years ago. The technological developments in the field of IVF have evolved from initially animal to lately human research. These developments have made it possible to sort out infertility issues in recent times.

India is quite different from the rest of the world in terms of fertility treatments. Society has put a lot of barriers when it comes to getting treatments for pregnancy. Most couples do not approach the doctor as it causes immense social as well as emotional stigma and does not discuss fertility issues openly.

The lack of understandings in families, societal pressure, uncertainty feelings affect the couples to seek the help of doctors. This eventually hinders the diagnosis and treatment possibilities of infertility. However, breaking these barriers and accessing the Best IVF doctors in Patna can help couples to fulfill their dream of parenthood.

IVF Treatment

 How Do IVF Treatment Work and Its Process?

IVF is the most popular type of ART or assisted reproductive technology. It is basically utilizing a combination of surgical procedures and medicines to make a sperm fertilize with an egg. After that, the fertilized egg is implanted into the patient’s uterus.

At first, one has to take medications to make several eggs mature as well as ready for fertilization. Then, the doctors take out the eggs and mix them with sperm in the lab, helping them to fertilize. These fertilized eggs or embryos are then put directly in the uterus to bring the possibility of pregnancy.

The IVF treatment has several steps and takes up to several months to complete the entire process. It sometimes works in one go or requires many rounds of treatment to get pregnant. But it definitely raises the chances of getting pregnant even if you have a lot of issues. Such treatments get better when you go to the Trusted clinic for IVF in Bihar.

Infertility is a common problem these days, and it is not just an issue in women, but also men face infertility issues. There can be various reasons like PCOS, fibrinoids, or endometriosis for having such problems. However, the following process in IVF treatment can help couples for curing their pregnancy-related issues.

  • Stimulate: It is the initial process of IVF. Here the doctor will examine the health of your ovaries. After going through a series of scans, they will prescribe you medications for 8 to 10 days. This will aid in maturing your eggs for the next procedures. The doctors will also monitor your hormonal levels and can provide you HCG shots if required to make the process faster. All these complex processes require experts. In India, there are few fertility Centers that deliver outstanding results in the IVF treatment field, and fertility Centers like Diwya Vatssalya Mamta IVF are prime examples of it.
  • Retrieve: After 36 hours from the reception of HCG shots, you will go through the surgical procedures of retrieval of eggs from follicles in the ovaries. The sperm is also extracted during this process. Once eggs enter the lab, the IVF specialist will examine the best one out of it to fertilize with sperm. After this process, the egg and sperm are incubated together inside the lab and allow sperm to fertilize the egg on its own. In the current times, it becomes necessary to seek doctors’ help for such processes. Having access to in-vitro fertilization treatment in Bihar can advantage couples for curing the infertility problems easily.
  • Transfer:  The doctors then examine the fertilized egg after the process of retrieval and progresses towards the step of embryo transfer. The healthiest embryo is then opted for transferring back into the women’s body. It is the final process of the complete IVF treatment. After following the process of embryo transfer, embryo development continues inside the uterus for 1 to 2 days. In 12 to 15 days, a pregnancy test will be done to check the results.

Each patient is different, and everyone has various problems regarding infertility. However, finding out the Best Hospital for IVF in Patna can benefit couples to eradicate the issues of childlessness.

Reasons for The Growing Importance of IVF Treatment in The Present Times

 Many couples suffering from the issues of infertility take in-vitro fertilization or IVF as the best option for the possibility of a child. It is the most effective solution for couples who cannot conceive a child through natural processes. Women with infertility diagnoses and same-sex couples are now able to become parents due to IVF treatments.

The removal of infertility issues is only possible through the assisted methods and due to which there is severe demand for IVF treatment in current times. The immense popularity and the increased inclination of couples towards the treatment have enhanced the demand for the Best IVF Doctors in Patna, Bihar, Jharkhand, and many other places of India.

Several reasons are mentioned in the following regarding the growing significance of IVF treatment in today’s times. 

  • IVF treatment works more compared to other treatments: Some patients go through a long series of fertility treatments and mediations before selecting IVF. Such medications include fertility drugs, intrauterine insemination, and many more. However, in a trusted clinic for IVF in Bihar, specialists recommend IVF at the initial stage, depending upon the diagnosis. As a result, you will not be spending time as well as money on treatments that do not yield any positive results for you. For problems like blocked fallopian tubes, reduced ovarian reserves, severe male infertility, or advanced maternal age, IVF is the best solution.
  • Open to everyone: IVF is also an effective solution for gestational or surrogate carriers too. The treatment has been a helping hand for many people to experience the process of pregnancy and labor. The same-sex couples, single men and women, female physically unable to bear a baby for full-term require IVF treatment immensely these days. Going through the in-vitro fertilization treatment in Bihar, such people get the advantage of having a child, thereby bringing a lot of positive hope in them.
  • Provides control over timing: For any reason, if you want to plan a baby at a certain age and a particular time, then going to the best hospital for IVF in Patna can greatly benefit you. It allows you to have immense control over the timing of childbirth. One can also opt for the cryopreservation of embryos or eggs. The method enables you to a specific time window for your pregnancy and counts backward to ensure the best time to proceed for IVF. The process also aids in creating spacing in childbirths in a way you want.
  • IVF allows the utilization of donated sperm or eggs: In certain circumstances, your IVF specialist can also recommend utilizing donated sperm or eggs. After that, the egg is manually fertilized in the lab, and then the viable embryo is used for IVF. This escalates the pregnancy chances in the very first or the second time.
  • Higher opportunities of having a healthy baby: The cutting-edge and path-breaking developments in the technology of genetic engineering are assuring good health for the child. Preimplantation genetic testing makes sure that the fetuses utilized during the IVF process are free from any genetic markers. Such genetic issues are often related to various medical conditions like sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis, Tay Sachs disease, and down syndrome.
  • Reduces the miscarriage chances: Abnormality in a gene is the most common reason for miscarriage which makes the body terminate pregnancy in a natural way. By using PGT to determine an embryo’s genetic viability ahead of time, women are more likely to get the enjoyment of motherhood and healthy pregnancy.

Exposure to certain chemicals, radiation, environmental pollution can lead to infertility, and lifestyle changes have also been a cause for it in India. Earlier, the age of birth was around 24 years, whereas now, it has increased up to 30 years which also is a primary reason for infertility. The reduction in these factors can enhance the IVF success rate in India.

In India, these days, there has been an immense growth of medical tourism, which allows foreign patients to get cured in the region. Infertility in many couples has also raised the need for well-equipped fertility centers. Certain well-equipped centers like Diwya Vatssalya Mamta have shown tremendous results in the field of IVF and have made parenthood possible for many.

Nowadays, technology is rapidly advancing in the field, which is enhancing the treatment process of IVF more. The perspectives regarding the infertility issues are also becoming progressive, and people are getting comfortable sharing their problems which is raising the demand for IVF and fertility treatment centers in the present times and for the future too.

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