Myths and Facts about Infertility

A lot of people are still not fully aware of the Facts about Infertility these days. Infertility has always surrounded itself with myths and misconceptions as it has been a taboo for a long time among people. Thus Diwya Vatsalya Mamta Fertility Centre, the Best Infertility Center in  Bihar, is here to bust down those myths and deliver you the facts about infertility. Since being the most advanced and affordable infertility hospital in Jharkhand and Patna, we know the importance of enlightening people as much as possible about infertility that’d help them to approach this procedure without any fear and treat themselves to a prolonged wish of parenthood.

Infertility means not being able to procreate even after a few months of trying but with advancement and excellence in technology and expertise, we are now fully equipped to tackle this problem faced by a lot of couples and grant them the wish of a family.

So here are a few myths and the following facts to take a look at so next time you’d be surer about what is the truth and what is not:

Facts about Infertility

Common Myths and Facts about Infertility

  • Myth– Infertility can only occur in women, men can’t be infertile and be affected by it.
  • Fact – Contrary to popular belief, infertility is a problem that can affect both the couple despite their gender is, that means it can occur in both male and female. In fact, each sex has its own set of indications that may suggest infertility, such as testicle distress or change in period flow. Since we lived long and perhaps most of us are still living in a patriarchal society this myth has marked its presence although now doctors are making the couple fully comprehend the fact that even men can have infertility and it can be treated with a tremendous success
  • Myth– If you’ve given birth to a child in the past then infertility can’t affect you
  • Fact – Again this is one of the most popular beliefs that people have been dwelling on. There’s a term called secondary infertility that states that the women who have conceived once already can still suffer from infertility. They can still face difficulty in doing so thereafter.

Even data shows that almost 30 percent of infertility arises after the first child. This means even if a couple already has a child or children, they can encounter difficulty in getting pregnant later.

  • Myth – The women who have taken pills and contraceptive for a very long time can get impacted with infertility
  • Fact- There is no statement like that ever given by any doctor that states taking pills and contraceptives can cause infertility as they carry no adverse effect. Once the women stop taking the pills their body needs some time to start producing the normal hormones but it doesn’t lead them to infertility.
  • Myth- Infertility is hereditary
  • Fact – Infertility is not something that can run in a family if one of the members is affected by it. Although other medical conditions can have infertility as a consequence and that can affect fertility in men and women.
  • Myth – Younger people can’t get affected by infertility
  • Fact – Age does play a crucial role when it comes to the severity of infertility impacting someone but the statement that young people can’t get a blow with infertility is a major gaffe. Several medical conditions, exposure can impact genetic mutation and hormonal imbalance in the younger people as well like smoking drinking, etc.
  • Myth – Your health problems don’t give rise to infertility
  • Fact – In reality, the biggest reason that causes infertility in both men and women is health problems. Health plays a crucial factor when it comes down to infertility. That’s why we should always pay attention to our body’s need and requirements, avoiding it only cause tremendous problems let alone infertility. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and cutting yourself from unhealthy activities will give you a prosperous life to live.
  • Myth – Age only affects women
  • Fact – Women endure a significant decline in fertility, sometimes as much as 50 percent, between the ages of 32 and 37 However, women aren’t the only ones implicated by age. Like female infertility, male infertility probabilities increase with age. After the age of 40, a man is likely to start experiencing declines in semen volume and motility as well.
  • Myth- Infertility is psychological. Relaxing is adequate for people to be able to get pregnant.
  • Fact – Infertility is a medical problem that cannot be unraveled merely by relaxing. It needs medical scrutiny and treatments like IVF. Pressure, stress, and other emotions may impact fertility but are not a cause of infertility.
  • Myth – Fertility treatments are too complicated.
  • Fact – Fertility treatments are very safe and fruitful procedures, these are not that complicated. Even high-complexity procedures such as IVF are done easily to help couples facing problems (damaged Fallopian tubes, low sperm count, etc.) that impede them from having babies.

Facts about Infertility


Now when you have enlightened yourselves with these myths and facts we’d like you to not blindly follow any bits of advice given by anyone as they might not be helpful to you and barely be true. With the development of societies, technologies, it is time to accept and embrace the issues like infertility without feeling ashamed as it is the most common issue that has affected a lot of us out there. We understand that infertility may be overwhelming but a person should not feel defeated cause it is now time to work together to find the solutions for them. We Diwya Vatsalya Mamta Fertility Centre, the Best Fertility Hospital in Patna are here for you if you still feel any doubt about infertility that’s worrying you and want the best and truthful advice and help over, contact us today.


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