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Male Infertility Treatment in Patna

Infertility is one of the most unfortunate troubles in a couple's lives. Being disadvantaged by not getting your very own progenies looks like a disadvantage to have. As many as 1 in every 7 couples are going through Infertility issues. A massive part of it is associated with Male Infertility. We at Diwya Vatsalya Mamta IVF Centre are providing Male Infertility Treatment in Patna.

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Male Infertility Cause

Male Infertility can be resulting from a number of reasons, a number of which are as follows:

  • 1 : Low sperm Count
  • Low sperm count can result in male infertility. Poor sperm count directly reduces the probabilities of a healthy fertilization of sperm with the associate's eggs.

  • 2 : Abnormal sperm function
  • Even if sperm is produced in sufficient quantities, it may have poor motility (movement). Sperm with an abnormal shape or size may have difficulty fertilizing an egg.

  • 3: Chromosome Defects
  • The defects that are genetically inherited also contribute to Male Infertility. as an instance: Klinefelter's syndrome, cystic fibrosis, or Kallmann's syndrome.

  • 4 : Hormonal imbalances
  • Imbalances in hormones like testosterone and follicle-stimulating hormone in males can affect sperm production.

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Male Infertility Causes


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Male Infertility Treatment Success Rate

We offer excellent treatment for Male Infertility in Patna. We can help you with your health concerns. Please pay us a visit and get yourself diagnosed properly. Generally, the success rates for male infertility treatments are as follows:

  • 1 : Medications
  • Issues such as Erectile dysfunction, loss of sexual urge, hormonal imbalances are treated with the help of medication.

  • 2 : Surgery
  • For medical issues such as varicocele or a blockage in the reproductive tract, we recommend surgical procedures in order to treat male infertility.

  • 3: Assisted Reproductive Technologies
  • We also offer Assisted reproductive technologies such as IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) and IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) to provide a better option for couples interested in having children.On average, the success rate for IVF is around 40-50%, while the success rate for ICSI is around 60-70%.

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Male Infertility Specialist

Male Infertility Treatment Cost in Patna

The total cost of Male Infertility can vary depending on several factors, such as the location of the IVF Clinic centre, the expertise of the doctors and healthcare professionals, the technology and equipment used, and the specific services required. However, the average cost of Male Infertility treatment ranges from Rs. 85,000 to Rs. 1,50,000. .

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Male Infertility FAQ

Male fertility refers to the disorder that leads to the inability to provide proper means for fertilization from the male side. It hinders a couple's chances of conceiving a baby. It causes a lot of emotional and mental trauma for both partners.
There can be multiple reasons for Male Infertility, ranging from low sperm count, chromosomal defects, medical issues, medicinal or surgical side effects, exposure to industrial chemicals, heavy metals, or even radiation, and even lifestyle causes, e.g., Drug use, obesity, alcoholism, and chain smoking.
Yes, Male Infertility can be treated. There are multiple ways to treat Male Infertility. Such as treatment for infections and/or sexual issues, Surgery, Hormonal treatments, and even ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology).
Yes, Age is a significant factor in Male Fertility. By the time a man reaches 45, his sperm quality begins to decline, which contributes to Infertility issues.
Yes, Lifestyle choices like Alcohol Consumption, Drug use, smoking, And even Obesity can affect Male Fertility in a negative way.
Yes. Male infertility can have several complications for a Man’s overall health. This may include an increased risk of testicular cancer, melanoma, prostate cancer, stress, relationship difficulties, and mental trauma as well.
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