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Trusted IVF Center in Patna with a High Success Rate

Today, India is set to become among the top sought-after destinations worldwide for infertility treatment. We all experience miracles in our lives, so we have many surprises for infertile patients from all over the country, increasing each year. We are the top trusted IVF Center in Patna. Our Fertility Center gives you the best IVF result at a reliable cost with a high success rate. Couples who are facing issues conceiving a baby need to consult Dr.Rashmi Prasad at Diwya Vatsalya Mamta Fertility Centre. She has more than 20+ years of experience in the field of gynaecology and infertility with a special focus on infertility and performed thousands of infertility cases and is dedicated to helping infertile couples.

Our IVF Centre offers world-class infertility facilities, with top-of-the-line technology machines and experienced staff of over twenty years of experience. If you are looking for the best IVF Center at an Affordable Cost. then visit DVMFC IVF Patna and Consult Dr. Rashmi Praasd.

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Diwya Vatsalya Mamta Fertility Centre is a highly Advanced IVF Clinic in Patna with the endeavor to provide “High Success at Low Cost” Fertility Treatment. We offer affordable and World-class Fertility Treatment solutions at Reliable Cost with a High Success Rate. Diwya Vatsalya Mamta is a top trusted IVF Center located in Patna, and added greater than 65k+ successful cases with the cooperative movement of the complete team. Due to the modern hectic lifestyle, stress, and other physical issues, many women have to deal with pregnancy issues. Despite desiring a baby, many women don’t get pregnant. We are assisted with the latest reproductive techniques and procedures that deliver sperm samples in a concentrated form directly to the uterus to avoid vaginal or cervical infection, inflammation, and abnormalities.

Nowadays, many couples seek IVF treatment when they fail to conceive naturally. Our successful assisted reproduction is the precise coordination of the scientific and medical approach for every couple embarking on an entire treatment plan, with close collaboration between doctors, counselors, and nurses. We provide careful attention to the smallest detail in each patient's treatment stage will be provided at the best Fertility Center in Patna. It will maximize the chance of having healthy babies.

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Our goal is to provide a treatment plan that is scientifically based, efficient, affordable, and cost-effective, all under one roof, to reduce the inconvenience for patients.These modern technologies could be the most promising option for the birth of a child; with these treatments in the IVF Clinic in Patna, Our success rate is more than 75%+, which is the highest in India. Our top-quality fertility treatment aids couples who have no children to achieve their dreams of having the child of their choice.

What is IVF?

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a method of assisted reproduction that involves the collection of eggs from the ovaries and then fertilized using sperm in an in-house laboratory. This fertilized embryo (embryo) is placed in a safe space for a couple of days before being placed in a woman's uterus, increasing the likelihood that a pregnancy could be born.The embryos are developed in the lab up to Day 5, known as the Blastocyst stage. Fertile embryos are transferred into the woman's uterus using the simple process known as embryo transfer. If more than two embryos form, the excess embryos are stored for future cycles.

Affordable IVf Center in Patna

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IVF Treatment Process!

The entire process of IVF cycles can take from up or six weeks. The step-by-step procedure of IVF comprises. IVF follows an elaborate seven-step cycle from ovulation induction to embryo transfer and follow-ups. Here's a look at the exact process.

Best IVF Center in Patna with our doctor expertise and success rate

Counseling and Treatment

The process of IVF can be complicated emotionally and physically for couples. Counseling sessions with IVF hospital in Patna counselors can help couples comprehend their treatment plan and share their concerns.This is essential before the beginning of the process.

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Control and simulation

Ovarian stimulation triggers the maturation of hair follicles. The development of these follicles is tracked over 10 to 12 days. The ovarian response can be measured by ultrasound and blood tests regularly.This procedure helps regulate the size, quality, and amount of maturing follicles.

Best IVF Center in Patna with our doctor expertise and success rate

Egg Retrieval

Once the eggs are matured and ready to conceive after combining with the sperm. The doctors using special equipment, will extract the eggs from the ovaries and keep them in the ovarian temperature in the lab till it is allowed to mix with the sperm to form an embryo.

Affordable IVf Center in Patna

Sperm Retrieval

Now, our IVF specialist doctors in Patna will retrieve sperm from the male partner. In case of any sort of issues in a male partner, patient could be asked for sperm donation. Now, these sperms will be used for fertilization.

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Fertilizing The Eggs

The doctor can fertilize retrieved eggs and the high mobility sperm either by conventional insemination or by intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). The eggs are monitored closely to check for the conceived eggs.

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Embryo Transfer

The ovum and sperm that are prepared are fertilized in conditions in the laboratory to create the embryo. An embryologist establishes a number of these embryos, and based on their quality; the embryo is transferred to the uterus of a female partner on day 3 or 5 and the embryo.

pregnancy Test

pregnancy Test

After three weeks, the pregnancy blood test is performed to check if the IVF was successful. If not, then the second IVF cycle may be required which the doctor will consult with the couple before taking any final calls.

IVF And Treatments FAQ

Get the answers to all your questions from the best IVF Specialist at Dr.Rashmi Prasad Here are some of the frequently asked questions that you might need an answer to. Go through the questions and answers for better knowledge about IVF Treatment.

Infertility is a phenomenon where either the male or female partner fails to conceive a baby. It is a situation where they need external assistance to improve fertility and aid in conceiving a baby. In such a case, you need to visit an infertility specialist. We are the best Infertility center in Patna to help to have your baby.
Conception is a whole long process where the eggs are released during ovulation, and it is fertilized with the sperms later. Missing a single step can lead to infertility. Thus, if you cannot get pregnant, both partners need a proper diagnosis to check for the cause of the problem. It can be done with your visit to the best fertility center in Patna to get a thorough examination and treatment to become parents.
Yes, the chance of IVF success rate is not 100%, so you can go for the second cycle of IVF to check for pregnancy. But before repeating the cycle, visit the best IVF Center to check if the body is ready for the second one or not.
Being the most affordable IVF center in Patna, we aim at providing low-cost services. Therefore, our IVF cost in Patna starts from INR 85,000, which is comparatively cheaper than most other IVF centers in India.
No, there is no such fact that proves it to be painful. Though some steps during the procedure might cause uneasiness, but when you are guided by the best infertility doctor in Patna, the chance for pain becomes negligible.
We will not take our name, but it is what Google shows, and our clients believe. So to get the assurance of the same, you can visit our clinic to get suggestions from the best IVF clinic in Patna to treat infertility.Which is the best IVF center in Patna.
There are a lot of factors that you need to keep in mind before selecting an IVF or fertility specialist. Some of them that you need to check are the IVF success rate, IVF cost, the experience of the doctor, and the number of successful cases.
DVMFC IVF is a renowned IVF Center in Patna for any infertility treatment at an affordable cost with a high success rate. Our IVF Center success rate is over 75%+ with reliable cost.


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