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Mrs. Priya Devi and Mr. Vishweswar Pandit's journey of becoming parents

Happy Couple Success

A couple named Mr. Vishweswar Pandit and Mrs. Priya Devi from Deogarh, Jharkhand, came to us in October 2019 for fertility treatment. They have been married for 28 years but were not being able to have a baby.

Diwya Vatsalya Mamta Fertility Centre was their first choice to visit for the consultation. Once our fertility expert Dr Rashmi Prasad diagnosed the couple, she found out that the Female was quite troubled with irregular periods and a known hypothyroid case.

Case Study

In the detailed examination of the couple, it was found that the husband's sperm count was low, approximately 08-10 mill/ml. Irregular periods in themselves is an infertility reason, plus the hypothyroid condition further makes it complicated to deliver a successful case with a healthy baby. What made it even more difficult was the sperm count of the male partner.

But the entire team of Diwya Vatsalya Mamta Fertility Centre were trying their level best to make the case a successful one and send the couple back with a healthy baby.

What is Hypothyroid?

Hypothyroidism is a typical situation where the thyroid doesn't produce and release sufficient thyroid hormone into your bloodstream. It makes your metabolism reduce. It is also known as underactive thyroid that can make you feel exhausted, cause you to increase weight and make you unable to sustain cold temperatures. It can affect the fertility of women as well.

How can hypothyroidism impact fertility?

With hypothyroidism, the thyroid gland doesn't produce an adequate amount of certain essential hormones. Low thyroid hormone levels can prevent ovulation, which damages fertility. In addition, some of the main causes of hypothyroidism, such as some autoimmune or pituitary disorders, may weaken fertility.

Our Treatment Procedure to cure Infertility

As the case has lots of complexities, Dr Rashmi Prasad advised the patient to go for ICSI(Intracytoplasmic sperm injection). The couple agreed to the treatment, and then we initially began with her treatment for the irregular period, and hypothyroidism then stimulated her with pure FSH and HMG. In the meantime, she prescribed medicines and a daily diet to control hypothyroidism to normalize her S.TSH.

As soon as we managed to get the positive result in weight reduction and normal TSH value, we opted for the fertility treatment. The doctor extracted the sperm through TESE, and we retrieved nine eggs, out of which five were of good quality. We did ICSI with all five eggs in July 2020. After two days, four embryos were fertilized; Dr Rashmi Prasad decided to transfer two embryos, and we kept the remaining two for freezing.

The embryo transfer process went on smoothly, and the patient was advised to go for the USG test on the 30th day of embryo transfer. In the USG, we found that the lady was successfully pregnant and delivered a healthy baby after nine months in April 2021 at our clinic. It is how the couple had finally got the biological baby that they ever dreamt of.

Final words from the couple

Visiting Diwya Vatsalya Mamta Fertility Centre has surely changed our lives. We thank God for the day we decided to visit Patna and meet Dr Rashmi Prasad. I would recommend or rather request other couples with similar problems to immediately visit DVMFC to get their problems sorted out. We are pleased and would like to share the happiest feeling with couples undergoing the same problem as us. Please don't waste your time in search of an IVF center; just come to DVMFC, make your dream come true. We are sure your interaction with Dr Rashmi Prasad will change your vision towards the problem, and you will feel more optimistic and confident.

We salute Dr Rashmi Prasad for the fantastic job she is doing and making couples like us happy with various treatment procedures and curing Infertility.

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