How to choose the right fertility doctor?

The journey towards parenthood is a blessing, and not every couple is blessed with the feeling of parenthood. But with the advancement in ART, India has somehow managed to decrease the rate of infertility couples. 

Who does not wants to become the parents?

Probably the answer is everyone wants to enjoy the feeling except for some. So the persons suffering from infertility or LGBTQ community can visit the fertility specialist to aid them in helping a biological baby.

Who is a Fertility Specialist?

The doctor certified as a reproductive endocrinologist is allowed to perform infertility treatments. He/she must be a qualified MBBS and gynecologist with a certified diploma in ART and reproductive medicine.

What a fertility doctor does?

Fertility doctors treat any sort of infertility problem related to either males or females. The specialist can solve every major or minor problem related to infertility. Some of the major sections that an infertility specialist works upon are:

  • A woman suffering from PCOS.
  • A woman with one or more miscarriages.
  • Low egg production in females.
  • Poor semen analysis in males.
  • Low sperm count in males.

But one cannot just simply visit any consultant. After all, it is not an easy task; it is related to the emotions of would-be parents. Thus you need to choose a fertility specialist in Bihar wisely.

How to choose the right fertility doctor?

6 Tips for choosing a Fertility Doctor

Once you have sorted out some best fertility clinics in the whatsoever state you live in, say Bihar. You need to write down the names of the best infertility center in Bihar and do thorough scrutiny on the same.

  • Check for the Fertility Clinic staff: You need to check on various factors of the staff. Only having a great qualified doctor is not enough; the clinic must have skilled and well-behaved staff to handle you precisely and carefully. You also need to check upon the number of staff available at a particular clinic that must be sufficient as per the clinic patient capacity.
  • Facilities and Services: You need to see what are the latest facilities and the type of service you will receive. Consult the doctor and discuss the further procedure that must be performed and the place of treatment. While seeking consultation, you must see from fertility checkup to final treatment with IVF, IUI, TESE, ICSI, etc. must be executed under the same roof.
  • Level of Communication: Communication is a great component that the clinic staff must abide by. When you visit a clinic, you need to visualize if the staff recognize you, do they pro-actively call you for appointments, checkups, and diagnosis. If yes, then you can check on the clinic to treat your infertility.
  • Cost of Treatment: If you are a person from a low-income family, you need to check for the pricing options, obviously. Though always the low-cost IVF center in Bihar is not the best, but while analyzing the other features, this feature must also be kept in mind before undergoing any fertility treatment.
  • Success rate and successful patients: Yet another important factor that you must check for believing anyone’s words. The success rate speaks for itself, and a clinic with a higher success rate is more reliable to execute the treatment. 
  • Clinic Accessibility: You might need to visit the clinic repeatedly, so you also need to check the root and conveyance that will help you reach the place. Though this is the last criteria, you should check, but you should at least check this if you do not have any personal vehicle.


You must wisely choose the right fertility doctor at a fertility clinic in Bihar that will assist you in curing infertility problems. We do not say it just for the sake of saying, but we are the best affordable fertility clinic in Bihar with a high success rate. We can surely help you with your infertility causes with our latest technology and experienced team.

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