What Is the difference between IVF and Test Tube Baby Process?

In India, there are couples who long for children but cannot have them easily. It is due to the infertility problems faced by both spouses. There are more than thirty million such couples. Only about one-tenth of them seek treatment. Most couples shy away from visiting a doctor for fear of social ostracization. However, society is developing at a fast pace. So, seeking medical treatment is quite rampant now. Medical infrastructure now makes it possible to a huge extent. There are couples who want to avail themselves of this treatment too. However, due to lack of information, lose out. You can seek treatment at the Best IVF Center in Patna today.

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Differentiating Between IVF And Test Tube Baby

This is for all those who think that these are two different processes. There is no difference between IVF and test-tube baby.  Test tube baby is a term, which most people use non-medically. The medical term is called IVF or In Vitro Fertilization. In Vitro Fertilization, the ovum is fertilized outside the female body. Later on, the doctor places it back inside the uterus. It is a very complex process, that involves lots of calculations. Most people resort to this, as a last measure. You should know about the exact process.

The process is conducted under strict clinical settings. It is much different from artificial insemination. The Ovarian stimulation process as proposed by the doctor is a complex one. Several different follicles are developed. When the follicles mature, the doctor gives an injection of a special hormone. It is called HCG. It helps the oocyte to mature. After 36 hours, the doctors extract the mature Oocytes. You will find it to be a simple surgical procedure. It can also be completed as a Daycare process. A doctor normally uses a vaginal transducer to create a puncture and extracts the fluid from the ovaries of the female. After that, the fluid is mixed with spermatozoa, in different cultures in a glass vessel. You will be amazed to know that the procedure is conducted in the best settings. After the embryo is formed, the doctor transfers it to the uterus.

The IVF Process In Detail

A USG is conducted in the preliminary stages to ascertain the condition of the uterus, in the female. Moreover, the doctor and counselor will discuss the mental and emotional consequences in detail. You ought to know about the entire process in detail.

  • Stimulation is the first step. This procedure requires multiple eggs, to ascertain that one will be fertilized and develop into a zygote. The doctors generally prescribe certain fertility drugs to the female patient. The female also has to undergo several test including hormones and blood.
  • Retrieval of the egg is another important part of the process. The surgical insertion of the needle takes place. You will find the doctor inserting the needle inside the vagina, and then collecting the follicles from ovaries, through suction. Medically, the term used is a follicular aspiration.
  • The insemination process comes next. The doctors at the Patna IVF center mix various samples of the sperms with eggs under clinically sterile settings. It is done in the laboratory in a glass petri dish. The samples are left overnight, for fertilization to take place.
  • The culture stage is also an important part of the process. Doctors and laboratory technicians constantly check if the embryo is undergoing fertilization and the cells are dividing. The doctors also conduct genetic tests on the zygote.
  • Transfer of the grown embryo takes place after 3-4 days. The embryo is implanted inside the uterus with a catheter. The pregnancy is generally established and ascertained after 10 days.

You will find this process being followed in the IVF Center. However, there may be complications in the process. The various complications that can come up include miscarriages, multiple pregnancies, ectotrophic pregnancy, and bleeding. However, the same can occur with all types of medical processes. You also need to know, who qualifies for this process.

Women who have a blocked fallopian tube, or endometriosis are the candidates for this surgical process. There are women who have fibroids as well. Genetic diseases in the family can be a precursor to getting the eggs checked. In this process, doctors check the quality of the eggs. Thus, IVF is being adopted as a safety measure today in India at the Test Tube Baby Center in Patna. Many couples are ready to go for the IVF process.

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Success Rate Of In Vitro Fertilization At The IVF Center in Patna

Diwya Vatsalya Mamta is the Best IVF Center today, in Patna. Dr. Rashmi Prasad heads the clinic. She is the Affordable Gynecologist Hospital in Patna. You can avail fertility treatments round the clock. Moreover, almost 60,000 women have benefitted from treatment there. It is regarded as the best Infertility Hospital in Patna. You can meet friendly doctors and counselors at the center. The success rate is almost 100%. Other treatments include ICS, laparoscopy, and hysterectomy.

The center uses the most modern tools for treatment. Moreover, the specialist has over 20 years of experience in the field. There you will find the doctors and the management carrying out the process under the best sterile settings. Technology has improved a lot. What was impossible at that time is a huge possibility today. The fertility of a female depends on a number of factors. They include age, medical condition, and previous surgeries. The chances of having a baby through IVF are quite good.

There is nothing wrong to have a test tube baby. However, researchers have made certain claims as they suffer from cleft palate and other chromosomal disorders. However, there is no strong evidence of the same. Moreover, there is no guarantee that normally born children will be healthy. So, most doctors say that it is a safe process. You can also attend counseling sessions with doctors to ascertain the same. There are many healthy children around who were born through IVF.

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